Monday, October 22, 2007

Reck Parade!

I was in the Georgia Tech Homecoming Reck Parade last week. Lots of cool old classic cars (Best I saw was a '71 Plymouth 340 'Cuda Convertable). I didn't win anything but had a good time and some good feedback on the car.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Good BBQ and more

On the road again. This time I am heading out to my SC/NC swing. Stopped at a BBQ joint in Bishopville, SC that I drove by last time I was on this trip. Name of the place is Watfords BBQ. Lots of stuff on the menu, possible the coolest thing about the place is the sign out front that proclaims "ALL PORK". None of that Beef or Chicken BBQ at this place. BBQ is served with a spicy vinegar based sauce, very tasty with just the right amount of heat. 2nd time this week I have had BBQ with this type of sauce and it is really growing on me. My all time #1 is still the mustard based yellow sauce that you can find in some places in SC and NC. The thin vinegar sauce is also a NC/SC thing. Only sauce I can find in GA is always a thicker ketchup sauce. Anyway, back to Watfords.... BBQ plate comes with slaw, some excellent hushpuppies, and hash and rice. The hash and rice thing I had never heard of or had before. It is like a thin brunswick stew poured over a bed of rice. Really good. I am going to have to find a good recipe to make this.

Later in the evening I ate at a new place in Hartsville, SC. I think it is called Wingz & Ale. Strange name and looks a bit divey on the outside but it is very nice and spread out on the inside. Plenty of space, long bar, good beer selection. I ordered the "Killer" wings and the waitress asked if I was sure 'cuase they are really hot. Ok, yes I want the hottest thing you make. They where not bad, good heat and nice flavor, big wings too. Not near as hot as Taco Macs Death wings, I would put them on par or just below the Macs TMI (three mile island) wings. The waitress was surprised that I could eat them. The owner stopped by a bit later and chatted (very cool), he was hurting from trying one of the Killer wings since he had never had them before and wondered how I could eat something so hot. Dunno, heat just doesn't bother me. Horseradish on the other hand....

How are the cars doing you ask? Good. The rear brakes need to be replaced on the MINI. I am going to have to hassle Global to get them to replace them since they said they where in good shape 700 miles ago yet the brake wear indicator is now on. Have to get the TR cleaned up Friday night for the Reck Parade. I doubt I will win any of the prizes since the paint is not top notch. It will look good in the parade (from 7 feet away) but when they judge it up close it isn't going to win any awards. The Patrol is going to have to wait. The guy doesn't want to get rid of it that bad right now and doesn't want to lower the price right now. He did say to keep checking back with him though, maybe this spring.....


Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's Thursday....

Not much going on in the car world right now. I can't wash either car due to the watering ban here in north GA. Plan on taking the MINI to a self service wash place next week. Need to clean it up and get a few coats of wax on before the winter. I can probably get by on the TR by just wiping in down before the Wreck Parade next week.

Going Mountain driving on Sunday. Hope to check out some of my favorite less traveled roads in Western North Carolina. Going to hit the Dillard House for dinner on my way back. Looking forward to some nice fall weather and colors while up in the Mountains.

Still waiting on the Nissan guy to drop his price. Looking more like it may not happen but it can't hurt to keep bothering him about it. A good friend of mine in the neighborhood has a brother who has an old Land Rover and knows a place that sells a bunch of older ones. Told me about an old Series II 109 truck that a guy is selling with a whole bunch of extra stuff to fix it up. He was asking about 4k. Not too bad but just not in the cards right now. Maybe one day!

Bought the new Radiohead album this week. I chipped in for the Boxcase set which includes 3 music cds, 2 12 inch vinyls, 1 enhanced cd, and a whole bunch of artwork and the like. Whole set comes in a nice hard case. The purchase also included getting to download the new album (the other stuff doesn't ship until next month). Listened to it all yesterday and really like it. Sounds very close to OK Computer and has hints of some of their earlier work.

Well, that is about it for now. Have a tennis match Saturday, GT plays Miami later in the day and I might be heading back on the road next week to SC and NC. Hopefully I'll have some more stuff to write about in the next few weeks.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

On the road again....

Back out on the road this week. This trip takes me to Huntsville, AL and Chattanooga, TN with a few stops in between. Found a few more nice roads today. Something about 129 as a road number just seems to make it a great road and TN 129 is a great winding valley road that ends up in the perfect city, Lynchburg, TN. THE home of Jack Daniel's! I love the area around Lynchburg, terrain is perfect. Maybe I can buy a farm here someday......

Not much else. TR is going to be in the GT Wreck parade, guess I need to get it cleaned up a bit.