Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rover Infatuation Continues...

Well I know that I swore of looking for a Series Rover a few weeks ago but.... I can't help myself sometimes. Found one that is listed at a pretty cheap price near by. The one catch being that it has not run in 2 years, yes the dreaded "ran when parked" description. Figure I will go take a look at it and see if the engine turns freely by hand. If that is the case and I can talk the guy down even more, maybe I'll have a new project sitting in the yard...

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

TR sticking around..

For now. Kind of settled on keeping the TR around. With the way the collector car market is taking a hit right now I have pretty much decided that I want to keep the TR6 and really fix it up. So for the moment I am going through some long term planning on what I can get done to it this winter (transmission and brakes being 1 and 1a on the list). The more I have thought about it, getting this work finished on it and having a car that I have semi-restored will be pretty neat. The plans to add a Landy to the fleet and still there but it may be another year or two and by then I may not have to sell the TR6. I'll keep everyone posted on the work. I might even be starting the long awaited front brake replacement work in the next month or two!

As for how the new shock conversion has worked out, it is fantastic. The rear end no longer dances around the road like it doesn't know where it is going. I also got the new heater control wire installed and working, I think that combined with the new heater valve have really made a difference in the heater performance. Last winter I could never really feel much heat coming from the heater but when Kelly and I took the 6 for a spin a few nights ago you could really feel the heat keeping our legs warm, should keep the car nice and toasty when I put the hardtop back on in a month or so. I also almost have the rear license plate light installed, I need one new nut and I can get it tied down. It won't work yet because I still have to sort out the wiring but it will make the rear bumper look complete again.