Monday, March 09, 2009

Dragon Slaying....

Ahh, had the opportunity to drive up to Knoxville, TN for week today. Jumped at the chance as I knew that I would be taking the long way via US 129 and the tail of the dragon. Been almost a year since I had gotten some good mountain driving in. Glada I have the chance as it looks like I m going to miss the MINIs on the Dragon event this year due to the twins being scheduled to be born the same weekend as the event. Got a great run in. Plan on getting a few more good ones in on the way home tomorrow.

Not much goings on in the car world other than feeling like I should be wearing polyester slacks. Still trying to sell the TR6 and the Lexus. It is amazing what kind of offers you will get trying to sell cars. It is a pain but alas a necessary one. Hoping to get the Lexus sold this month, as for the TR don't really care when it gets sold as long as I get the price I am looking for out of it. I'll have a full dragon report sometime this week when I get back.

Happy Motoring!