Friday, April 24, 2009

My long nightmare is over...

Yep, the Lexus is now officially sold. Dang that took way longer than I thought but again, it is not exactly the best time to be selling a car.

In other news the TR is still for sale. Hoping to get it sold soon, the babies are just a few days out and I was hoping to have the Landy in the garage by now but it has to wait until the TR leaves.

A good buddy of mine surprised his wife with an '06 MINI Cooper S Convertible this week. She has wanted one forever and he found a pretty cherry Pepper White / Black one for sale. He asked me to test drive it with him and give input. Car was tight. I have done so much work to mine I always forget just how great the MINI is in stock form. Especially the '05s and '06s with the revised gear ratios, feels very quick in first and 2nd gear. Anyway, it is always nice to welcome a new member to the MINI family!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Being a used car salesman...

Is no fun. Still trying to get the Lexus and TR sold. May have the Lexus sold and I have a few more guys coming to look at the TR this week. Unless you couldn't read the date of the last post I don't have a new car. Just a little bit of April Fools fun for the readers.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

New Car!!!!

Quick news. Found a guy right around the corner from where we live that has a sweet Austin Healey Sprite that we wants to get rid of. Said he was fine trading me straight up for the TR6! More to come!