Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Wrenching...

Worked on the Rover a bit this weekend. Topped up the oil in the transfer case and overdrive. Going to need to replace the transfer case oil sump gasket sometime soon. Also tooled around with wiring a bit. Still cannot find the rear work light wire inside the truck. Going to give it one more shot and then I am going to run a new power wire (confirmed that the light works by running a temp wire directly from the battery). Also plan on hooking up my cb sometime soon. I do need to source a new antenna as my old magnetic mount will not work with the all Aluminum body of the Rover. That is it for now.

Happy Motoring.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Caffeine and Octane....

Headed over to a monthly car show here in Atlanta early Sunday morning. The show is called Caffeine and Octane and is held the first Sunday of every month at the Avenues in East Cobb. It is free for all and is open to pretty much and car. There was a pretty good turnout even with the threat of rain. Kel and I loaded up the twins in the Rover got there around 8:30am (show runs from 8-11am or so). I would say there where close to 150+ cars there. All sorts showed up: new exotics, classic British roadsters, tons of old Porsches, classic American muscle cars, a few trucks and three Rovers (a '65 Series IIa LWB Truck, a mid 90's Defender TDi and my '73 Series III). The 109" got a fair amount of attention. Lots of questions about the right hand drive. I know it caught the younger crowds attention as well as any car there. The twins did well, we broke out the Baby Bjorn carriers for the first time. I took a fair amount of pictures, should have a link to them in the next day or two. Anyway, if you are bored one the first Sunday of the month and want to go see some pretty neat cars head on over.