Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just Waitin...

The TR6 is still awaiting some work. I am still waiting on the right time. Looking more and more like work will start back up closer to September, when the temperatures start to come down a bit and my garage isn't a furnace. Found the name of a new shop near my house. May give the guy a call to get an estimate on rebuilding the carbs and tuning the car up good. I would get this done after the big projects this winter (rewire and transmission replacement). Still waiting on my chance to stop off and look around my neighbors original owner '74 TR6. I have some questions about where some of the interior convertible boot attachment points go and want to get them right. The plan is still to do the front brakes, install a radio, recover the seats and install a headliner in the hardtop before I get to the wiring and transmission. I also may have to replace the heater core when I get to the rewire. It has never put out much heat and being that it is the same type core that was in the TR4a it should put out a ton of heat if working correctly. Anyways, thats it for now.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Blog!

Ok, I am expanding my online blogging a bit. I have always been a big fan of all sorts of beer so I figured I would start a blog detailing what I've been drinking and what I think about different beers from all over. Swing by and check it out!

Atlanta Beer Snob

I'm not giving up on this blog. Still going to update the continuing work on the TR, what is happening with the MINI, any plans for a new car in the future and reviews of any new cars I drive!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Motorcycle Dreaming....

Ok, with the way gas keeps going the thought of getting a Motorcycle has crept into my head. The good thing about my morning commute is that I have several routes and can take back roads the whole way without having to get on 285. Been thinking of the type of bike I would want. Don't want a big cruiser or Harley and I am not really much of a sport bike guy so that leaves very few choices. Maybe a nice older Honda, Kawi or Yamaha or even a Triumph Bonneville or Scrambler. Who knows.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Dang I'm lazy....(TR6 Update)

A quick update on the TR6. I've been driving it around a few night a week. Engine is running strong and having no problems with the heat. I've been pretty bad about working on it the last few months. Still waiting to find the time to repair the brakes, upgrade the suspension, install some of the interior bits and install the radio. Just been lazy and the hot weather and draw of the pool on the weekends has not made doing any of this work a top priority. I'll get some of it done this summer and fall in preparation for the big transmission swap and re-wiring project this winter.