Monday, April 28, 2008

Quick Update

Ok, not much been going on recently, thus no new posts on the Blog. Getting ready to head up to TN this week for a little work, then over to NC for a day or two of MINIs on the Dragon (my 4th year going!). Kel is staying in Atlanta for this one, she scored really good tickets to the Bon Jovi concert. After hitting up the mountain roads I'll be heading over to Charlotte for a buddies bachelor party. Then Sunday will bring me back home to Atlanta with a possible side trip to see my Grandmother in Boiling Springs. Some car related news, I had a rim failure on the MINI. Rim cracked so I am having to overnight a new one so that I can even make it up to TN. This has forced the TR6 into daily driver status for the next two days. Had to drive it to work in the rain today, at least I found out that the top doesn't leak! Anyways, more stories and picture to come next week. Thats all for now folks...

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Why haven't I been working on the TR6? Well, I'll tell you....

I've been lazy, that is pretty much it. That and I have not had the chance to drive it lately. I blame the crazy Atlanta weather, 70's and sunny one day, 40's and rainy the next, throw in a bunch of rain (17+ inches at my house so far this year, we only had 41 inches all of last year) and then the pollen that is currently covering everything and it takes the fun out of driving a convertible. I did buy a convertible top boot cover off ebay this week, should be here soon. I still have plans to do the front brakes, rear shocks, electrical fan upgrade, and flushing of the radiator. Don't know when I will get to it (maybe June?). To tell the truth I really need to do some work on the MINI first, 60k service and overall replacement/repair of some things I've been meaning to fix for a while (new SC boots, replace cracked A pillar trim, replace a few trim screws, replace bypass valve, wax the thing if I can ever wash it myself again, stop the buzz in the passengers door). Just looks like I'll have to set aside a whole week/weekend to do all the work. Anywhos, that is it for now....

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Kaiser/AMC Jeepster Commando

Found out that a friend of my wifes family has a '71 Jeepster Commando. Very neat car, a guy in our neighborhood had a '68 for a few months. Anyway, I've added to the list of rare classic SUVs I'll be hunting. This one comes with a glimmer of hope in that if the lady ever decides to sell it she has my name at the top of the list (much like my wifes uncle and his '47 Willys CJ2a). So here are the rankings of the old, true SUVs I'd like to pick up in order of fav to least fav (but would still jump on if given the opportunity)

'60s Nissan Patrol
Kaiser/AMC Jeepster
Land Rover Series IIa
Original Ford Bronco Body Style ('67-77 I think)
Toyota FJ40

Here is a pic of what a Jeepster looks like:

Kind of a CJ5 married with a Scrambler and Wagoneer.